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Barefoot Yard Soil Builder, Humic Acid Soil Amendment, OMRI Organic / All Natural, Ready to Use Soil Nutrients, 16 fl oz.

Our SOIL BUILDER is a liquid humic acid soil amendment extracted from the mineral Leonardite that improves both clay and sandy soils. Barefoot Yard's SOIL BUILDER is like giving your lawn a delicious nutrient-rich shake after a grueling workout as it replaces key organic building blocks, reduces stress, and allows your grass to better absorb and retain water.If you are looking for a thicker, greener, and more resilient grass then starting with your soil structure and using SOIL BUILDER is a perfect fit.Your soil ecosystem will thank you!

Benefits of Using SOIL BUILDER

  • Increases Availability of Nutrients
  • Promotes Nutrient Uptake by the Plant
  • Increases Water Holding Capacity
  • Improves Aeration and Soil Structure
  • Builds Root Systems