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Barefoot Yard Green Up Slow Release Lawn Fertilizer, Natural, Ready to Use Grass Nutrients, 16 fl oz

Our GREEN UP is a liquid plant multi-nutrient product derived from fish. GREEN UP provides a punch of slow-releasing organic nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium for growing plants. A single application contains 20 different amino acids, 13 vitamins, and 8 minerals including manganese, iron, copper, and zinc thatcontribute to a healthier turf more resilient to disease and insects.If you are looking for a thicker, greener, and more resilient grass with a deeper green color then an application of GREEN UP nutrients is a perfect fit.Your yard and ecosystem will thank you!


Benefits of Using GREEN UP:

  • Safer slow-release nutrients 
  • Natural ingredients with no lingering “fishy” smell
  • Promotes leaf and root growth with resilience 
  • Contains many beneficial macro nutrients such as calcium, iron, and magnesium