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About Barefoot Yard Tick and Mosquito Spray

All Natural

Barefoot Yard is an All Natural Tick and Mosquito Spray for yards.  Taking inspiration from nature we used only ingredients that are present or produced in nature, require simple extraction methods, or result from naturally occurring processes.  Protecting your yard shouldn’t come at the expense of keeping your family safe. 


Our Ingredients

There was a method to our madness when creating Barefoot Yard Tick and Mosquito Spray.  We consulted with top Entomologists to determine just the right ingredients which would provide an effective solution to controlling both ticks and mosquitos.  Additionally we focused particular attention on the necessary ratios of those ingredients to ensure we created a product that was both safe and effective.  

Cedarwood Oil - Cedarwood oil kills ticks in 6 different ways: dehydration, neutralization of bodily fluids, encapsulation and/or emulsification of bodily fats, prevention of breathing, dissolving insect larvae, and pheromonal interference (this interrupts processes necessary to metabolism, movement, reproduction and feeding)

Lemon Grass Oil - Lemongrass oil contains a high concentration of a compound called citral, which is a natural bug deterrent. Ticks, mosquitoes and many other biting insects are repelled by this compound.

Peppermint OilThe major chemical compounds found in peppermint oil include, alcohol and menthol. Each one is a natural fumigant through smell. Ticks and mosquitos smell receptors pick up on theses compounds and are repelled effectively.



What good is a tick and mosquito free yard if you can’t enjoy it due to the presence of toxic chemicals.  With guidance from the EPA, Barefoot Yard Tick and Mosquito Spray uses only ingredients that are on the EPA’s list of 25(b) exempt products (what we call ingredients)  This list consists of products that the EPA has determined pose little to no risk to human health or the environment. 

Liquid Concentrate

After significant research the choice was clear, a concentrated formula combined with hydraulic treatment (e.g. a hose end sprayer) was the most effective way to administer our product. Also, by concentrating the formula we were able to best eliminate the use of unnecessary fillers and reduce the container size, thereby eliminating waste. 100% of our ingredients are there for the efficacy of our product, or to assist with the application process.