Get Started This Spring Now!

This question can be broken up into two parts.  One is the time of year to spray for mosquitoes and two, what time of day to spray.  

In regards to the first part of the question, what time of year to spray, it’s always a good idea to start spraying for mosquitoes just before the season starts. The goal is to get ahead of any breeding that will lead to a large mosquito population in your yard. Generally, mosquito activity begins when temperatures reach 50° F,  and the time of year will vary depending on where you live.  The first few applications of spray are primarily dealing with knocking down the population before breading takes off.  Once it begins getting warmer, mosquito volume will increase in relation to the rise in temperatures, so expect to see the mosquito volume increase accordingly, with a peak in the hot summer months.  Subsequent spraying, during the late spring and summer, is intended to control the remaining mosquito population

The second part of the when to spray question deals with the time of day and is fairly straightforward. Mosquitoes are the most active at dawn and dusk, meaning it’s best to spray at those times.  During those times mosquitoes are out looking for food, so it’ll be easier to target them with your mosquito spray.  Also, since the summer heat can evaporate some of the spray, thereby reducing effectiveness, dusk and dawn are better times for application. 

Overall it is important to have a plan to consistently spray for mosquitoes from early spring through the summer, and spray during the times of day that will have the greatest impact on mosquitoes.  We recommend using a quality, all-natural spray like Barefoot Yard Tick and Mosquito Spray, which controls both mosquitoes and ticks.