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When it comes to choosing a tick and mosquito spray, even natural ones, there is no shortage of choices available.  However, not all products are created equal, and there are a few important points to consider when deciding which product is going to be most effective for your situation.     


Perhaps it goes without saying, but the ingredient makeup of any tick and mosquito spray you use is the differentiator when it comes to one that achieves the desired results or one that may simply smell good upon application but offer no real results.  The following are some specifics points regarding ingredients to look for when choosing a product. 


Active vs. Inactive
There is a balance here for sure, but typically the more active ingredients as a percentage of the total mean more tick and mosquito fighting agents are doing their thing.  While some ingredients labeled inactive are necessary for the proper functioning of the product, too much inactive ingredients are typically an indication you are paying for unnecessary fillers. i.e. If you see water as an ingredient it is a good indication you are paying more but getting less.  Barefoot Yard Tick and Mosquito Spray has one of the highest Active Ingredient percentages in the market.  

Specific Ingredients
Pay particular attention to the specific ingredients and why they are claimed to be effective.   Especially when looking at all-natural solutions, be wary of the products that seem to have a bit of everything that may be effective.  Check the manufactures website for product details that describe what each of the ingredients is supposed to do, and why.  

Effective Amounts
While terms like efficacy and effective dose, are typical vocabulary in medical discussions they also effectively help to describe the active ingredient profile of a particular product.  First, any active ingredient should have data supporting its ability to achieve the desired results (efficacy).  Second, the amount of the ingredient needs to be a high enough percentage of the applied amount to produce the desired effects ( effective dose).   The correct combination of these two factors can make a big difference in how a product ultimately performs.   




Since the majority of products on the market are dispersed using a hose-end sprayer, or some form of dilution with water, it’s vital that the ratio is correct so the efficacy is maintained after application.  If the manufacture is providing you with a hose-end sprayer already attached to the product bottle, make sure you use it since it most likely has been calibrated to administer the correct mixture of product and water to be effective. 



With the information above you’ll be armed with the knowledge necessary to make an informed decision about what tick and mosquito spray is going to give you the results you expect.  After all, isn’t that what you ultimately want and are paying for.